#3 Mechanical Reasoning Test NZDF

Note: This online exam works best on a laptop or desktop computer. If using on a phone, I recommend using landscape mode. I also recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari as some users have reported issues with Internet Explorer not recording answers correctly. If your results do not appear, try using a different device / browser.


- There are 20 questions.
- You have
15 minutes to complete the exam.
- Your task is to look at the mechanical images provided and work out the accurate outcome.
- Some questions involve basic mathematics so I recommend having pen, paper and maybe a calculator handy.
- After clicking on the next button, the exam timer will begin. The timer is located on the browser tab and also on the bottom right of each page.
- You can skip questions but note, you cannot return back to previous questions.
- At the end of the exam, the correct answer will be shown against your answer and you will be provided with an overall score as well answer explanations. There will also be links for the remaining exams.
- You can complete the exam as many times as you wish by refreshing the browser.

Email me if there are any issues. All the best!